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I bought a Nothing Ear (Stick) for $61 at Amazon. I liked them so much that I purchased two more, one new $61 and one used for $39.

I tested the first ones I received. Battery life was past six hours before the headsets ran out of power. Right before the battery power was drained and turned off, the headsets were making warning noises that the battery was low and were about to turn off. Recharging took about 1.5 hours to fully charge in the case. Of the six hours, at least one earpiece fell out on each hour for five hours. During that time, I did not shake my head in trying to get the headsets loose, but instead, I ate lunch and smiled and laughed watching television. Maybe the squeezing of my face pushed out the earpiece, as I felt the earpieces slipping out of my ears when I smile.

But overall I like them, as anyone can tell, since I have three of them! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nothing Ear (Stick) in charging case
Two versions

I got lucky in getting one of each version!

I am saving up for the Nothing Ear 2 ($149.00 + tax). I want to buy one, as this device can sync to two devices at once. Purchased on June 01, 2024 and should arrive by Thursday.

Update: 06/03/2024
After much research, I came to find out that the Nothing Ear is the latest version of the Ear series, and Ear (2) is an older model. I will return my purchase and purchase the Ear instead. Weird that Nothing would name their new model โ€œEarโ€ instead of Ear (3). I was able to purchase the Ear (2) for $132.00 after taxes. and seems if I purchase Ear, the total cost after taxes will be $165.00, that is $33 more. I might have to think about this before I make the purchase. No, I will not think about this, I will make the purchase. BUT, this will be my last pair of earset I will purchase.


Nothing Ear 2