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A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb
Today will never be today again. -Flo from Progressive insurance

Keeping a daily log of what I am doing with my life. I have not made very much traction, so maybe by tracking what I do on a daily basis, I can find what I have been doing right and do more, and what I have been doing wrong, and doing less.

I took an Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) course. The one thing that I remember most from the course, since I took the course to better myself, although the course was for Information Technology (IT) guideline and best practices in how to better an organization. I figured, if the guidelines and practices are good enough to better a whole organization, why could I not implement the guidelines and practices on myself, to better myself. 😉

So now I measure everything in my life. Since I only have a limited amount of time, I am tracking all that I am doing, so I can do more and be more! I guess you can say that I am an economist of my life.

Continual Service Self Improvement
You cannot manage what you cannot control.
You cannot control what you cannot measure.
You cannot measure what you cannot define.
You cannot improve what you do not measure.

kɔm ˈsi kɔm ˈsa